Hans Christian Ferdinand's Profile

Personal Information

  • Born: Jakarta
  • Date-of-Birth: 19 October 1988
  • Raised in Bandung
  • Hobby: Listening to Music, Podcast, Football (in video games, in field, anywhere)
  • Enthusiast of Future-Tech, Linguistic, AI and Machine Learning

Working Experience

2019 (December) – Present: SEO Manager (Lamudi Indonesia)

My main task is to manage SEO team reach the company’s target.

We try to bring a lot of things to be visible and reachable organically. SEO in Lamudi Indonesia also responsible for most of the content in the site, site’s health, and also creating new ideas & improvement to serve our visitor or target users.

2016 (July) – 2019 (November)
SEO Team Lead – Ruparupa (Ruparupa, ACE, Informa)
PT. Omni Digitama Internusa

2014 (February) – 2016 (July)
Online Promotion Specialist – PMC
PT. Pinnacle Management Consulting

2013 (April) – 2013 (August)
Content & Social Media Manager – Wadezig!
PT. Proyekimagi Indonesia


  • English Linguistics – Universitas Kristen Maranatha
  • Graphic Design – Universitas Kristen Maranatha
  • SMAN 23 Bandung
  • SLTP St. Fransiskus II Jakarta
  • SD St. Fransiskus III Jakarta
  • SD PSKD VI Jakarta
  • TK PSKD Bulungan Jakarta